Dan Hurley's Lucky Underwear Leads To $50k Donation To Charity

UConn head coach Dan Hurley's lucky pair of underwear did more than lead his team to an NCAA Tournament title, they also raised a lot of money for a good cause.

How much money did your lucky underwear rake in for charity? I guarantee nothing, save for the occasional side-eye from your significant other when you grab the holey, hanging-by-a-thread skivvies out of the drawer for yet another day of luckless wear and tear.

As it turns out, Hurley's favored pair of underoos weren't some tattered pair of Hane's he picked up in bulk at Costco. No sir. His lucky pair is a set of MeUndies. Those are solid underwear. I've never worn them myself, but they advertise on podcasts and they don't just let anyone do that.

During the tournament, Hurley's wife said the coach insisted on wearing the same clothes for each game. That included a pair of red MeUndies with dragons on them. Whether or not that pair utilized MeUndies' proprietary Ball Caddy™ Pouch.

To keep his MeUndies fresh, Hurley's wife said he traveled with a portable washing machine (they've got washing machines in hotels, coach).

MeUndies Donated To The Huskies Thanks To Hurley's Drawers

When the company found out that the Championship-winning coach was pacing the sideline in a pair of their drawers. They decided to pay it forward. MeUndies made $25,00 to the Husky Ticket Project for Hurley's squad reaching the Final Four.

They dangled a carrot in front of the team with another $25,000 if the Huskies defeated the San Diego State Aztecs, which, of course, they did.

That's $50,000 total, which will go toward providing UConn tickets to Connecticut youth organizations.

"When we learned that Coach Hurley's lucky pair is his MeUndies, and how superstitious he was, we were inspired to find a fun way to support him, the team, and larger community," MeUndies CEO Jonathan Shokrian said in a statement before going on to pump his underwear's tires.

"MeUndies makes the world's most comfortable underwear and we're happy to bring the Coach a much needed confidence boost when it matters most."

Those could be the luckiest, most philanthropic pair of underwear in the history of man.

Congrats on the lucrative skivvies, coach.

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