Dan Campbell Pulls Off 100% Pure Class Move For A Young Fan

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell continues to prove he's one of the best guys in all of sports.

The second-year NFL head coach was signing an autograph for a fan during training camp when the kid asked if he could tell T.J. Hockenson hello for him.

Campbell scribbled a note on his hand, and then had the former Iowa standout record a message for the young man. Check out the touching moment below.

Why is the young man decked out in face point like like he got mauled for training camp? We don't know, but it's moments like this that remind people the sport of football is about a lot more than just the game for some people.

When it comes to kids - especially ones willing to get painted up for training camp like it's Halloween - they're often enamored and obsessed with their favorite players. A lot of people can relate because they were just like that growing up.

Clearly, this young man is a huge fan of the talented tight end in Detroit.

This also just goes to show what a solid and good dude Dan Campbell is at the end of the day. He's a true salt of the earth man who carries himself with a blue-collar mentality.

That's the same mentality and spirit the people of Michigan have, and that's why Campbell is the perfect fit for the Motor City.

Props to Campbell for the classy move. No matter what happens on the field, it's clear the Lions coach has won over the fans.

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