Dan Campbell Continues To Make Tone-Deaf Comments

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell really wants people to know the team is almost there.

The Lions are currently 1-6 after losing to the Dolphins Sunday and in last place in the NFC North. The season has been a gigantic disappointment and it's teetering on the brink of disaster.

Yet, instead of reading the room given how frustrated fans are, the team's head coach continues to talk about being close.

Campbell said the following after the latest loss for the Lions, according to Yahoo!:

Bill Parcells just used to say, ‘The only way to win close games is win close games.’ So, like, we’ve got to find a way to win a close game when we’re actually playing in close games, and that’s how you build confidence to do it. And until then, you’ve got to do all the little things right. So I think it’s all-encompassing. Hey, it’s frustrating, but I know everybody’s tired of hearing it’s close, but I do know we’re close, and you just don’t know when it’s going to turn. But if we don’t keep swinging away at it, it’ll only get worse.

Have fans grown tired of Dan Campbell?

You know when people were done hearing about how close the Lions are to winning? After last season when the Lions finished 3-13-1.

Campbell got his honeymoon period and maybe even a little extra time to start the 2022 campaign because of his performance on "Hard Knocks."

However, the grace period is over. Nobody wants to hear how "we're close." Fans want to see some wins.

Furthermore, Campbell literally acknowledged the fact fans don't want to keep hearing about how close the team is to winning. We've heard it nonstop for years.

Yet, it never happens. The last time the Lions won double digit games was in 2014. I was literally still in college, and I haven't been in college for a very long time.

Dan Campbell needs to read the room, and understand people have had enough. Go win some games or say nothing at all. It's pretty simple.

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