Dalvin Cook Required To Take Online Course About Not Throwing Footballs Into The Stands

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was slapped with a $7,426 fine for throwing a ball into the crowd after scoring a game-winning touchdown against the Dolphins.

Now it seems like that fine is being reduced, but there's a catch.

Cook will have to find somewhere that has a reliable internet connection.

According to NFL Network's Tom Pelisero, Cook's fine will be reduced by 25% if he completes an "online remedial training course."

So all he has to do is sit through an online course and $2,000 stays in his wallet?

That sounds easy enough, but the online training course sounds rough. If it's more than one slide that says "Stop throwing balls in the stands" it's too long.

So what did Cook do upon hearing there was a way to get his fine reduced?

He did his best Bart Simpson impression, that's what he did.

Sure seems to me like he has learned his lesson.

It'll be interesting to see if Cook will actually take the course or decide that the $2,000 he'll save from doing the course isn't worth his time. Or maybe offer someone else $1,000 to take it for him. If he's offering, I will absolutely be that person.

It's kind of hard to imagine an NFL player being lectured about something like this, but fortunately, we don't have to imagine what it would look like.

If he decides to go through with the course, let's all send our best to Dalvin Cook during this time.

He could be facing what is without a doubt the most excruciatingly dull "online remedial training course" on the planet.

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