Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sends NASCAR Fans Into A Tailspin Over Controversial Bubba Wallace Comments

It's been three days, and we still don't know whether NASCAR is gonna fine Bubba Wallace for door-slamming Alex Bowman into next week after Bowman won Sunday's race at Chicago. 

Frankly, I don't care. It was a classic dramatic Bubba Wallace move from the most dramatic driver in the garage, but beyond that, whatever. Boys will be boys. 

Let Bowman handle it if he wants. He's already said he doesn't plan on doing anything, so don't hold your breath. 

Anyway, Bubba's move had NASCAR fans TALKING during their trips to Monday's water-cooler, with most up in arms over the move and calling on officials to fine/suspend him/send him to prison. I assume NASCAR will probably fine him sometime this week, but beyond that, I figured it would be old news by today. 

But then Dale Earnhardt Jr. swooped in on his podcast and defended Bubba, and sent the racing world into an absolute tailspin on social media:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. defends Bubba Wallace

See? They're all over the place. I'd say it's a pretty even split. Maybe 60-40 in favor of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Bubba. Maybe. 

I wrote about it Monday, so if you want the raw (hey now!) version, check out the award-winning, weekly NASCAR column. You are welcome. 

But, in short, I don't think it warrants anything beyond a fine. Bubba Wallace is the biggest drama queen in the garage, but he's also a #content machine. I can't get too angry with him, because he always has the folks talking, one way or another. Does he get too emotional over every little thing? Sure. 

Bubba – Bowman wrecked you on like, Lap 4, and this wasn't exactly an isolated incident. Literally everybody got spun at one point on Sunday. That's usually what happens when you race on the literal city streets of Chicago. 

It's a crime-riddled place to begin with, so what the hell did you think would happen? Just be happy you weren't murdered. Lord knows everyone else was in that hellhole this past weekend. 

But, I also get it. You're a billion points behind the final playoff spot and time is ticking. The same guy who wrecked you won the race, and he was the last person you needed to win because it certainly didn't hep your playoff position. 

So, what are you gonna do when that happens? Door-slam his ass into next week on the cool-down lap. Either that or throw a punch. I'm good with either. NASCAR fans, obviously, are more divided. 

Thoughts? Zach.Dean@OutKick.com. 

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