Dak Prescott Hopeful Ezekiel Elliott Remains With The Cowboys

Dak Prescott doesn't want to see Ezekiel Elliott sign with a new team.

The Cowboys unsurprisingly decided to cut the team's former first round pick after this past season. The move was done to avoid paying Elliott's massive $10.9 million salary in 2023, and it's definitely possible he returns to the Cowboys on a much cheaper deal. That's exactly what Prescott wants to see happen.

"That sure would be nice. There are a lot of people not only on the team but in the organization that would love that. I’m sure Zeke would as well. … Hopefully…," the Dallas QB told Adam Schefter during a recent appearance on his podcast.

What does the future hold for Ezekiel Elliott?

Elliott will be 28 by the time the upcoming season starts, and his 2022 campaign was the worst statistically of his career for rushing yards and other important categories. He was still productive, but there was a noticeable decline.

He averaged a career low 3.8 yards a carry on 231 carries for 876 yards. His previous career low was four yards a carry in 2020. The former Ohio State standout also finished with a career low receiving yards at 92, which was his lowest by a massive margin.

However, Elliott did snag a dozen rushing touchdowns. So, it's definitely a mixed bag when it comes to where Ezekiel Elliott is at in his career at this point.

ProFootballTalk reported Elliott's wish list is short and consists of the Jets, Eagles and Bengals. However, none appear interested in adding his services. That means a reunion with the Cowboys on the cheap might be in the cards.

It certainly doesn't hurt to have the face of the franchise in his corner. QBs can have some sway. Look at Aaron Rodgers. He attempts to tip the scales all the time in Green Bay and is even attempting to strong arm his own trade.

Prescott isn't nearly as talented, but his input could possibly count for something.

What we know for sure is Ezekiel Elliott isn't done playing in the NFL just yet. It's just a matter of if he'll continue with the Cowboys or elsewhere. Clearly, Dak Prescott would like his RB back on the roster.

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