Creepy LeBron James Doll Steals The Show In Dallas

No one Saw this coming.

A fan went viral Sunday afternoon for stringing along a creepy LeBron James puppet to the Lakers-Mavericks matchup at American Airlines Center.

And yes, it won't take long for ESPN to find 'racial undertones' with this seemingly innocuous doll.

Video of the fan and Lil' LeBron showed the doll's function of bouncing a ball and scaring children.


Comparisons to Lil' Penny, a mid-90s Nike alter ego to former Magic star Penny Hardaway, also rained down after the strange sighting.

The greatest mystery from this head-scratching video appeared at the end. The fan was seen mouthing "I'm not an a**hole" in the direction of what we can only assume was a disgruntled Dallas fan or parent.

We all knew LeBron was a puppet, but this is next level.