Former NBA Player Slams LeBron For Taking Nike Money to Stay Silent on China

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Former NBA player Royce White laid into LeBron James in a rant mostly laced with facts.

White focused specifically on LeBron encouraging members of the NBA to stay silent on the inhumane treatment of Muslim Uyghurs in China. He says LeBron sold out on behalf of Nike dollars.

Watch the segment below:

He said:

“LeBron James was given a billion dollars by Nike, the establishment, anti-human, neo-liberal, Marxist, globalist establishment, which is also church of LGBTQ,” White said.

“He was given this billion dollars to keep his mouth shut about the single greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation. That is the two million people being placed in the concentration camps in China for no other crime other than being Muslim.”

“Now he (James) won’t speak on that. Why? Number one, it’s an economic injustice that he’s done to take that payoff to shut his mouth because really, he should have asked Nike for $40 billion. He should have got at least $500 million a year, if not a billion dollars a year because Nike makes $40 billion of revenue a year and he represents at least 1/40th of their commercial value and influence.”

LeBron brands himself as the modern-day Muhammad Ali. He’s not. He’s the antithesis of Ali.

Ali was courageous. He risked his career and freedom to protest the Vietnam War. By contrast, LeBron uses social issues as marketing tools. He knows that scoffing at the United States is lucrative and criticizing China is the opposite.

Dollars, not Uyghurs’ lives, matter to LeBron James. In 2019, LeBron called then-NBA general manager Daryl Morey “selfish” for tweeting “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”

White, who’s running for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district as a Republican, is one of only two former NBA players to speak out against the hypocrisy of LeBron and the NBA’s phony social justice branding.

Enes Kanter Freedom, whose activism cost him his NBA career, spoke to OutKick last summer about the double standard:

“Most people only do social justice work and all the civil rights work for their own PR because it looks good on their resume. They are not genuine. And speaking out is only good for your resume in certain cases.

“For me, I was seeing the pockets firsthand in the NBA the last 11 years. I was in many locker rooms, I spoke with many basketball players and many coaches — and what they care about is their own PR. So I wanted to expose them. You should not call yourself a civil rights activist or social justice warrior when you pick and choose when to care about human rights. They are lining their pockets by pretending to be human rights activists. They are not.”

Well said.

China and the NBA are business partners. Seventeen current NBA players profit from shoe companies that rely on slave labor to produce cotton in Xinjiang. In addition, NBA owners have over $10 billion tied up in Chinese investments.

The NBA, LeBron James, and Nike are compromised by modern-day Nazis. Credit to Royce White for saying so.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.

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