Content King Jim Harbaugh Pumps Iron During Recruiting Trip

Jim Harbaugh decided to get a quick pump in while visiting a Washington high school.

The Michigan coach recently decided to stay in Ann Arbor after his latest flirtation with the NFL, and he's already back out on the roading.

His latest recruiting trip took him to Bellevue. While visiting the high school, he hit the weight room and pumped some iron while in dress clothes.

Jim Harbaugh continues to be authentic.

You can say a lot of things about Jim Harbaugh. The one thing you can't say is that he isn't authentic. He does what he wants, and he simply doesn't care what others think.

This is the same man who once slept over at a recruit's house in an attempt to get him to the Wolverines. Once you do that, nothing is off limits.

Hitting the weight room in a collared shirt is child's play at that point.

While on vacation over the summer, Jim Harbaugh put on an all-American caliber dad display and now that the football season is in the books, it's time for him to keep building his roster. The man just never stops pumping out golden internet content.

Some coaches pitch NIL resources to recruits. Harbaugh apparently goes full-alpha mode, racks the weights and lets everyone know he still has it.

On behalf of college football fans everywhere, a major thank you to Harbaugh for sticking with the Wolverines. We're in for a lot more fun moments over the next year.