Conor McGregor Looks Unbelievably Jacked

Conor McGregor looks ready to absolutely demolish people.

The Irish-born fighting sensation last fought in July 2021when he suffered a lower body injury in a loss to Dustin Poirier.

It's believed McGregor is gunning for a 2023 rematch against Floyd Mayweather, and if his current physical stature is an indication of where he'll be when he enters the ring, he might be ready to take someone's head off.

The man looks borderline unrecognizable without a beard and with substantially more muscle than he usually carries.

It's unclear whether or not Mayfield and McGregor will fight again. Mayweather has pushed for it, and for the right price, it probably will happen.

If that's the goal, McGregor apparently plans on looking like Ivan Drago in the ring. Seriously, compare the photo above to what he looked like while cutting it up in the UFC.

He doesn't look similar at all.

Why did McGregor shave his beard and pack on the muscle? Is it because a fight is coming in 2023? That seems like a likely reason.

It's either that or he's planning on getting a part time role in a potential "Sons of Anarchy" reboot as an enforcer.

Could be either one, but no matter what, he looks ready to rock somebody. I would hate to be the guy who squares up with him.

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