Conflicting Reports Surface About Aaron Rodgers And The Panthers

Are the Panthers interested in Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers?

NFL fans are still waiting for a decision from the Packers gunslinger on his future plans, and so far, he hasn't announced anything. One of the options on the table is to ask the Packers to trade him. The Jets and Raiders are sexy landing destinations if it comes to that.

Now, the Panthers might be interested - or maybe they're not. Dueling reports claim very different things.

Are the Panthers interested in Aaron Rodgers?

Adam Schefter reported Thursday the Panthers have contacted the Packers about the availability of the team's best player.

However, Sheena Quick shortly later disputed the report and claimed "the Panthers have not contacted the Green Bay Packers about Aaron Rodgers."

It looks like have a good old fashioned journalism standoff when it comes to Aaron Rodgers.

What will Rodgers do?

We can't stress enough that nobody knows for sure what Rodgers is going to do other than maybe his tight inner circle. Brandon Marshall can be out here congratulating him on retiring him, but that doesn't mean anything.

Nobody in the public sphere with any credibility has said anything with certainty about Rodgers' future. That's just a fact.

If he is going to be traded, it only makes sense for every team that needs a QB to call. The Panthers definitely need help in the QB room, but this move wouldn't make a ton of sense for either party.

Rodgers wants to win right now. Are the Panthers just a QB away from a Super Bowl run? The answer to that question seems to be no.

Furthermore, it was recently reported the Panthers are in talks to bring Sam Darnold back. The team reportedly wants a cheap QB over an expensive veteran. Aaron Rodgers is the definition of expensive. He's owed more than $59 million if he plays next season.

Whatever Aaron Rodgers does, a decision is likely coming before the draft. That means fans are at most about eight weeks away.

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