Colts Backup Gardner Minshew Praises Rookie Anthony Richardson's Progress

Gardner Minshew isn't an "ego" guy at the QB position.

With a mean mustache and the evergreen counsel of Mike Leach, Minshew remains not just one of the best backup QBs in the league but one of the most confident.

So when Indianapolis brings in Anthony Richardson out of Florida with the fourth pick, Minshew's main objective turns to elevating the QB room rather than tearing it down out now that he's got competition in house.

The Colts may have grave deficiencies on the roster and in the front office, but they did the right thing by bringing in Minshew's leadership to steer their young QB.

Speaking with the media Wednesday, Minshew gave reporters insight on how the QB battle is progressing in Indy between himself and Richardson.

Minshew had nothing but praise for AR-15: lauding his physical abilities and his rapid progress after being viewed as a "raw talent" on the field.

"Obviously, the first thing is just how impressive the ball just jumps out of his hand," Minshew shared.

Gardner Minshews Backs Developing Anthony Richardson

While NFL-level accuracy and decision-making have yet to be seen from Richardson, Minshew alerted Colts fans to not worry about the raw attributes and to get excited for what Richardson brings under center.

"Physically, he's got everything you want, so from that standpoint just seeing him is like, 'Wow, this dude's really got a chance,'" Minshew said. "And then getting around him and seeing how he works, how he takes criticism and wants to learn and get better, all those things are really encouraging to be around."

Minshew also spoke on the testy role as the veteran QB in the room — a position that tends to be more mentor than play-maker. He has embraced his role as mentor for both Richardson and Sam Ehlinger.

"That's part of my role, is trying to get them comfortable. You want to help the room as much as you can, everybody that's in it," Minshew added. "So we've got two younger guys, him and Sam, so just trying to help them out whenever I can."

In Indy, Minshew re-teams with ex-Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, who joined the Colts as OC shortly after Philadelphia's loss at Super Bowl LVII.

Gardner Minshew, quality guy!

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