College Hockey Player, NHL GM's Son Suspended And Banned From Bar For Throwing Woman's Wheelchair Down Stairs

Mercyhurst hockey player Carson Briere has been suspended for throwing a woman's wheelchair down a flight of stairs.

Briere, who is the son of Philadelphia Flyers interim general manager Daniel Briere, was captured on video throwing Sydney Benes' wheelchair down the stairs at Sullivan's Pub and Eatery in Erie, PA.

Now, he will pay the price. Briere has been suspended from the hockey team and banned from the bar, according to TMZ.

The bar is prepared to get the police involved if attempts to return, security manager Nate Sanders told TMZ. Briere, who did release a public apology, was previously removed from the Arizona State hockey team before landing at Mercyhurst.

Benes reacts to Carson Briere's actions.

Benes needs a wheelchair after losing most of her legs and suffering burns to 34% of her body after getting trapped in a burning car. Now, she's speaking out about Briere's horrific actions that cost her the wheelchair she desperately needs.

"It was scary. I was not prepared for that many people to see the incident, to see me, to see my story, to see what happened," she explained to WJET/WFXP.

Initially, Benes was hopeful the chair being destroyed was nothing more than a simple accident with no ill intent. However, she quickly found out that wasn't the case.

"All that was going through my head was 'Man, I hope this was an accident, I hope that this wasn’t on purpose.' ... The head security guard had went and saw the one kid and the hockey player and made him come apologize to me, which wasn’t very sincere. I have to go through so much and people treat my stuff like this? The stuff that I use to get around? I have nothing else," Benes explained.

Carson Briere's actions are inexcusable, and it's caused great hardship to a young woman who has already suffered enough. Hopefully, he learns his lesson and grows up. You simply can't tolerate this kind of conduct.

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