College Hockey Handshake Turns Into Massive Line Brawl

The college hockey season is underway, and the University of Nebraska Omaha and the University of Alaska Fairbanks gave us a dose of old-time hockey.

The two teams had just wrapped up the second game of a weekend series, which they split, both teams taking 3-2 overtime wins.

When it was time to do the right thing from a sportsmanship perspective a fight the Hanson Brothers would be proud of broke out.

Like the play-by-play guy said, it was a "full Donnybrook" with everybody finding a dance partner.

There Was Bad Blood All Weekend

You could hear this alluded to in the video, but it started the day before.

Alaska Fairbanks won the first game of the series and celebrated in front of UNO's bench.

UNO went straight to the locker room, but clearly, they took mental notes because when it was their turn to celebrate an overtime goal they returned the favor.

Alaska Fairbanks didn't like this (although if you're keeping score, they did start it) and things were starting to get heated.

For some reason, the on-ice officials thought the best way to smooth things over would be to make the two teams shake hands.

That handshake didn't go according to plan (obviously) and we were given that display of on-ice pugilism.

No word yet on supplemental discipline but only two players from each team were assessed fighting majors.

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