College Football Coach Gets Accidentally Obliterated During Interview

Trine football coach Troy Abbs has that dog in him.

During a recent interview, the DIII head coach in Indiana got accidentally smoked by one of his players.

We're not talking about a minor bump. Abbs went down and he went down hard. However, he also proved he has some grit by quickly bouncing back.

While you can't really see Abbs hit the ground, the sound of the situation tells you everything you need to know.

He got lit up and you can even hear him say "that hurt" as he attempted to gather himself and get his bearings back.

However, it's never about if you get knocked down in life. It's always about whether or not you get up, and the Trine coach quickly bounced back with a huge smile on his face.

Only a man who truly loves the intensity of football could get smoked and get up smiling. Look at the grin on this man's face! Does he look like a guy who is upset? Not at all. He's probably happy his players are getting after it, even if he's collateral damage.

If Trine's roster has as much grit and spirit as Troy Abbs, the team is going to be just fine this season.

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