Colin Cowherd Claims He Turned Down Multiple Jobs In Politics

Colin Cowherd apparently had the chance to jump into politics, but refused to do so.

The Fox Sports star has made a name for himself being one of the most popular sports pundits in the country, and he's also banked a ton of money along the way.

Given his natural TV talent, it's not hard to understand why political offers might come his way. Apparently, he's turned down at least two chances to join a political network.

Colin Cowherd says no to politics.

"This has happened twice in my career, where somebody in political media has said, ‘Would you come to our network and do politics?’ And I always say the same thing, ‘I’m too happy to do politics.’ I don’t manufacture outrage. I’m outraged maybe once a year," Cowherd claimed during a recent episode of "The Herd" on FS1.

From there, Cowherd made a bizarre claim about being people "worked up" about others not being happy with LeBron James' silence on China, and referred to it as "feigning mock outrage."

Would Cowherd be good at politics?

Honestly, you can't be good at politics if you're not all in. You have to love it, and clearly, Cowherd simply doesn't.

It is a bit of a shame because he's actually had some good political takes over the years. After the 2016 election, he was one of the very few people in the media who didn't act like the world was ending when Donald Trump won.

In fact, he spoke to his audience afterwards and talked about how people clearly wanted a change and that there wasn't anything wrong with that. Seems like a lifetime ago, but Cowherd definitely had one of the best reactions to the 2016 election.

Having said that, his comments about LeBron and China are a huge red flag to what he could be like if he jumped to politics.

We're not supposed to care about LeBron James' silence on China while regularly trashing America? Sorry, that's just not the case for a lot of people.

When Daryl Morey supported freedom in Hong Kong, LeBron James lost it and went after freedom of speech while not saying a single thing about the horrific human rights violations of the CCP.

LeBron also outed a cop who had to shoot someone to save a young woman from being stabbed. He's a hypocrite and we shouldn't pretend otherwise. The idea you're faking outrage if you don't like him is insanity

There's a lot to pick apart.

Colin Cowherd is ultimately right where he belongs on FS1. Politics is a wicked game that kills your soul. Stick to sports and fun.

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