Clippers' Norman Powell Drops F-Bomb In Interview After 32-Point Night

When will reporters learn that if you want a word with an athlete immediately after a game — when all the competitive juices are still flowing — you might get some fleeting expletives?

Enter Clippers shooting guard Norman Powell for another reminder of this.

TNT’s Chris Haynes pulled Powell aside after the Clippers' 118-112 win over the Portland Trailblazers on Tuesday.

"I got a lot left, man, Powell said. "Back-to-backs is tough, but I love 'em. Me, straight to the hoop. No f--king, I mean, messing around."

The former UCLA Bruin stifled some laughter once he realized he had let one slip past the filter on national television.

Like Powell alluded to, it was the first part of back-to-bac games for the Clippers. They face the Utah Jazz on Wednesday.

Powell probably didn't care what he said on-air or who he said it to. Not after the night he had on the court.

He came off the bench in and put up 32 points in just 24 minutes of playing time. He drained 10/16 including 4 of 5 three pointers.

You'd be fired up to if you had that kind of performance against your old team,

"When you get traded from somewhere, you want to play well against them," Clippers head coach Tyron Lue said. "I thought he was a little too excited in the first half - we are always going to stay with our guys and he had 24 points in the second half, really attacking the basket."

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