Charlotte Hornets Unveil New "CLT" Jerseys, Twitter Has Sex Jokes

The Charlotte Hornets thought that today would be a pretty cool day for them. They unveiled a brand new jersey, but unfortunately, all people picked up on was the glaringly obvious sexual jokes to be made.

The new jersey is the team's City Edition jersey. It features a nod to the team's home city with an abbreviation across the front.

What's so funny? Doesn't everyone see the letters "CLT" and immediately think of Charlotte, North Carolina?

No, they don't.

At a glance, the letters look like a term for a part of the female anatomy, and boy, oh boy, did people have jokes.

Fans And Lovers Of Easy jokes Got Their Wish

It makes you wonder how many people this got through without even one person raising their hand to say, "Uh... guys? I think we may want to try something else."

In the past, the Hornets used a "CHA" on uniforms, but apparently, it was fans who wanted to see "CLT."

Smart move; blame the fans.

There's A Reason Behind The New Hornets Jersey's Color Scheme

In case you managed to stop snickering at these new duds, you might be wondering where the color scheme comes from. Apparently, it ties into Charlotte's financial history.

This jersey is destined to become a best seller and is a first ballot, Double-Entendre Jersey Hall of Famer.

Alongside the likes of the Milwaukee Bucks' Cream City jerseys ...

The Portland Trailblazers Rip City jerseys...

And one that shares a similar, anatomical theme to the CLT jerseys, the Dallas Stars' old Mooterus jerseys.

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