Charles Barkley Wants Auburn To Hire Deion Sanders: 'He Is Going To Recruit Like Hell'

Charles Barkley is all in on Auburn hiring Deion Sanders.

The Tigers are looking for a new coach after firing Bryan Harsin, and one of the most famous alumni in program history thinks the Jackson State coach is the man for the job.

"I personally want Deion Sanders, because number one, he is going to recruit like hell ... Deion is going to win wherever he goes ... Deion wants to make men men. That's what I want from a coach, but also ... his personality is that he is going to recruit and he won't be afraid of Coach (Nick) Saban, because you have to have some star power to go against Coach Saban," Barkley explained on "The Next Round," according to USA Today.

The retired NBA superstar further added that Deion Sanders has the "It factor" you look for a leader and coach. In the same interview, Barkley also said he expects a shocking firing in the SEC that could also lead to an unnamed program targeting Deion Sanders.

Will Auburn hire Deion Sanders?

Does Auburn stealing Deion Sanders away from Jackson State make a lot of sense? Well, there are certainly some major benefits to going after the JSU leader, and they're the same ones made by Barkley.

In order to compete in the state of Alabama against Nick Saban's dynasty in Tuscaloosa, you need some major star power.

Well, we all know Sanders has star power. He has major star power. He's one of the most famous men in all of sports, and he's made Jackson State an FCS power.

There's also no doubt Deion Sanders can recruit. He managed to snag the top recruit in America when Travis Hunter signed with the Tigers. If he's getting big names to play in the FCS, just imagine what he could do at a major Power 5 program.

With the regular season winding down, there isn't much time left for the Tigers to make a decision. With Charles Barkley all in on Sanders, it certainly seems support is there.

Will the Tigers pull the trigger? That remains to be seen but there's no doubt the hiring would send shockwaves through the sport.