Chargers, Browns Engage In Hilarious Social Media War

The Cleveland Browns host the Los Angeles Chargers in roughly two hours. But the teams' respective social media accounts are already making plays.

Both the Chargers and Browns' twitter accounts dropped hilarious messages on social media in prior to Sunday. With the help of Anchorman's Ron Burgundy (depicted in elf form), Cleveland fired the first shot. In advance of the game, Burgundy, KVWN Channel 4's famed anchor, is pictured reading from a teleprompter.

At first, the illustration seems harmless. But a second glance of the bottom of the teleprompter shows the makings of what would be the next line read: "Go f*ck yourself, San Diego," - a clear reference to the Chargers' former home - and an iconic Anchorman line.

Chargers Shot Back

Though I'd love to say, 'Boy, that escalated quickly,' - I should note the Chargers waited a day to respond. But when they did so, they delivered in hilarious fashion. Los Angeles' social media team sent off a late Saturday afternoon tweet showing a less-than thrilled squad boarding the plane.

LA's series of photos was captioned: "pray for us ain't nothing wrong we just gotta go to ohio."

Talk about a Veronica Corningstone-like unexpected instance of dominance. And the Chargers weren't done.

Their tweet included a photo and edited closed caption still frame from a Parks and Recreation scene: "Is Cleveland the one with the little Elf boy?"

Them are fightin' words!

If the game is anywhere near as exciting as the social media war of words (and pictures), Chargers and Browns fans are in for a good one.

Let's just hope both teams cover the ground rules before kickoff: No touching of the hair or face … And THAT’S IT. Now FIGHT!”

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