Chad Kelly Implies He Might Have Taken Money In College

Former Ole Miss star Chad Kelly might have taken a little cash under the table while in college.

While players cashing in on NIL deals is incredibly normal in 2022, for the vast majority of college football history, players weren't allowed to earn money in relation to the sport.

However, that didn't stop Kelly, who started his college career at Clemson, from potentially getting a bag under the table.

"We all got cheated, but we made sure if there wasn't an NIL deal, we still had a deal. I'm not going to say who, what, when, where and how, but just know it got done," the former Rebels star said on the "Chad & Brad Podcast" when asked what his NIL value would be today.

Kelly isn't the only former SEC star to recently imply he might have taken some money before it was allowed.

Former Alabama running back Najee Harris appeared to accidentally suffer a Freudian slip when talking about getting paid at Alabama.

The good news is college athletes are finally able to earn some money and profit from being stars in whatever sport they play.

After all, this is America. We support capitalism in this country. It's not communist North Korea. The free market is king, and people should be allowed to be paid relative to what the market decides their value is.

As for Kelly, he bounced around the NFL for a bit before landing in the CFL. So, there's no doubt he's definitely made some money since leaving Ole Miss.

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