Cardinals Player Shreds Kyler Murray, Says Team 'Created A Monster'

It seems like Kyler Murray is definitely not a popular guy in the locker room.

The Arizona Cardinals QB has faced plenty of criticism over the past season, and it's not ending now that Kliff Kingsbury got fired.

In fact, it seems to be getting worse.

Previously, a report came out that people within the organization were tired of dealing with the QB's attitude.

"It was like they created a monster," an unnamed Cardinals veteran told Michael Silver. The unnamed player claimed once Kyler got paid, he didn't seem eager to do the things that are expected out of franchise QBs, including studying the game plan.

Can the Cardinals and Kyler Murray iron things out?

It really seems like Kyler Murray and the Cardinals are simply destined for disaster. It's been easy to put everything on Kliff Kingsbury's shoulders.

He's the head coach, the team wasn't winning, the locker room was fractured and the problems in totality cost Kingsbury his job.

However, what will happen if the problems continue now that Kingsbury is gone? Who becomes the next scapegoat?

It's hard to imagine you can pin it on Murray. He's on a five year deal worth more than $230 million. The dual-threat QB, who is recovering from an ACL injury, is guaranteed nearly $190 million. Murray isn't going anywhere, despite the fact it sounds like he's a major problem.

When you have an unnamed player claiming the team "created a monster," you know things are off the rails.

The Cardinals better figure it out sooner than later because fans are growing tired of the product on the field. There's simply no excuse for Arizona and Kyler Murray to be this dysfunctional.

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