Capitals Show Up To Stadium Series On School Bus Wearing Letterman Jackets; Look Ready To Pants Nerds

The Washington Capitals have a date outdoors on Saturday night against the Metropolitan Division-leading Carolina Hurricanes. They showed up at NC State's Carter-Finley Stadium on a school bys and wearing letterman jackets like the villain from your favorite movie about high school.

Seriously. Pick any movie about high school ever made.

If that doesn't look like a full NHL roster that's prepared to pants a few nerds and drag them around the track, I don't know what does.

Costumed Arrivals Are Big At Outdoor Games Like The Stadium Series

The NHL Stadium Series is the "edgier" version of an NHL outdoor game. The Winter Classic goes for tradition while the Stadium Series tries to push the boundaries. Where the Winter Classic goes for traditional uniforms the Stadium series goes for bold, sometimes garish designs.

*cough*Nashville and Tampa last year*cough*

If you think of it in restaurant terms, the Winter Classic is a classic steakhouse. The Stadium Series is a Guy Fieri joint where everything comes dunked in Donkey Sauce (still unsure what that is or if I even want to know) or smothered in mac and cheese.

That said, this new trend of teams showing up in some kind of themed team dress is permeating both outdoor games.

Last month, the Bruins showed up to their Winter Classic meeting with the Pittsburgh Penguins at Fenway Park cosplaying as the Red Sox.

With that in mind, how did the host Carolina Hurricanes arrive?

If you said, "in style" or "wearing plaid knickers and carrying golf clubs," correctamundo.

I don't know why but I find it hilarious that Rod Brind'amour and his coaching staff were kind of like, "We will not take part in these shenanigans."

Instead, Rod and Co. rolled up in suits as per ushe.

The Caps and Canes are 18 points apart in the standings and Alex Ovechkin won't be playing, but hey, it's outdoors and the only other option is the NBA Skills Competition, so people will tune in.

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