C.J. Stroud Accidentally Obliterates Woman On The Sidelines

Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud accidentally crushed a woman Saturday night during the loss to Georgia.

Late in the fourth quarter of the losing effort, Stroud scrambled out of bounds to avoid taking a big hit. While he might have managed to not get crushed by a Georgia player, he accidentally bulldozed a woman on the sidelines.

It wasn't a little love tap. He ran right through her and both fell hard into the ground.

To that woman's credit, she immediately bounced up. Granted, she did need a little help from a Georgia player and people around her, but she didn't stay down.

If I got hit like that there's a high chance an ambulance would be taking me to the hospital. Not this woman. She took it like a champ.

It was the College Football Playoff semifinals. She couldn't stay on the ground. The stage was too big. She had to rise to the moment, and that's exactly what she did.

She got up and kept things moving. That's the kind of spirit and attitude that put a man on the moon.

You never know what might happen in the world of football, and this woman learned that lesson firsthand. Fortunately for her, she seemed just fine. Unfortunately for OSU, the game didn't end fine for them. Ryan Day's team is going home after a 42-41 loss and the Bulldogs are going to the national title game.

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