Buffalo Sabres Support Damar Hamlin Before Game Against Washington

There are only two major professional teams in Buffalo: the Bills and the Sabres. So, when something happens to a member of one — as it did to Bills safety Damar Hamlin — there's sure to be intra-city support.

The day after the scary incident that left Hamlin in a Cincinnati hospital after going into cardiac arrest, the Sabres arrived in Washington to face the Capitals.

They did so in t-shirts that said "Love fo 3" across the front. It was a powerful show of support from one Buffalo team to another.

The Sabres also put signs on the glass behind their bench while they took warmups on Tuesday night.

Before puck drop, the Sabres, Capitals, and all of Capital One Arena observed a moment of silence as a show of support for Hamlin and his family.

"Please join the Washington Capitals, the Buffalo Sabres, the Buffalo Bills, and the entire sports community as we send out thoughts, prayers, and best wishes to Damar and his family," the Capitals PA announcer boomed.

You could hear a pin drop in the darkened arena.

It's always great to see teams across different sports who share the same team supporting each other.

Of course, the situation with Damar Hamlin extends far beyond Buffalo city limits, the NFL, or the NHL.

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