Buffalo Man Gifted Super Bowl Tickets For Saving 24 People During Deadly Snowstorm

Jay Withey will be going to the Super Bowl after saving dozens of lives during a snowstorm in Buffalo.

Withey jumped into action on Christmas Eve as a snowstorm hammered the Buffalo region, and the brave man saved 24 people, according to ESPN.

Withey eventually broke into a school with two strangers in order to survive, and then featured out into the winter hell to bring more people to safety. Seven of the people he saved were elderly people stranded in their vehicles. At least 39 people died in the storm that hit Erie County, according to ABC News.

As a thank you for his brave actions, the Buffalo Bills and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY surprised the New York hero with a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl in Arizona.

Jay Withey is a hero.

There's a lot of negativity in America these days. If you turn on some of the news or hop on social media, it wouldn't be hard to get pessimistic about the state of the country.

You could easily be convinced there's a lot of hatred out there. In reality, we have a lot more in common than we do that separates us.

When push comes to shove, a lot of Americans do whatever is necessary to help others. That's exactly what Jay Withey did.

With his back against the wall and people in need, he jumped into action and saved 24 people. Now, he'll be going to the Super Bowl in Arizona as a reward. It's just a minor thank you, but it's still awesome.

It'll be even cooler if the Bills make it to the game, which is very possible. That would simply be the cherry on top.

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