Buccaneers Announce Russell Gage Health Update After Scary Injury

Russell Gage is showing signs of improvement after suffering a serious injury Monday night.

During the postseason loss to the Cowboys, Gage took a shot to his upper body/head area after awkwardly going down, and he needed to ultimately be carted off the field.

He was transported to a local hospital and the Bucs revealed Tuesday morning that he has feeling in his limbs.

"After suffering a neck injury and concussion during the fourth quarter of last night's game, Russell was taken to a local hospital where he remained overnight for additional testing and observation. Russell has had movement in all extremities and will continue to undergo additional testing today," the team announced.

Russell Gage's injury was very scary.

Ever since Damar Hamlin's injury against the Bengals, there's been a hyper-focus on player safety and injuries in the NFL.

The moment Gage went down, it was immediately clear it was a very serious and scary situation. That was only made more evident when he needed to be carted off.

The way Russell Gage's body moved on the ground was incredibly concerning.

Fortunately, he "has had movement in all extremities," which is a great sign. Whenever dealing with a concussion/head/neck/upper body injury, you need to be incredibly careful. The brain is a delicate thing, and it doesn't take much for things to go sideways.

The good news is Gage is showing positive signs after a very scary moment.

Let's hope he continues to trend in the right direction. You never want to see anyone get hurt, and that's especially true when talking about head injuries.

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