Bryson DeChambeau Goes Ballistic After Taking A Rope To The Face During LIV Golf Event

Bryson DeChambeau was the source of the most memorable moment from this weekend's LIV Golf event in Chicago. It had nothing to do with him hitting a 350-yard drive or something he said, instead it involved his face meeting a rope.

During Sunday's final round, DeChambeau hit a wayward tee shot outside the ropes that separate fans from the course. After hitting his recovery shot, DeChambeau had to get back into the fairway by walking under the rope.

Only he didn't walk underneath the rope, he walked directly into it, face first.


Bryson shouted "Oh my God, what the f-ck" before dropping to one knee and complaining he couldn't see out of his right eye.

Taking a rope to the face is no fun, but Bryson should now be in the running for an Academy Award after his dramatic performance.

The simultaneous towel snatch and "sh-t" really ties the whole video together, if you ask me.

One thing you may not have noticed after seeing the video the first time is that DeChambeau didn't even attempt to grab the rope himself.

Seeing as how LIV paid him over $100 million to join, he assumed a volunteer would hold the rope up for him but thought wrong. Anyone walking directly towards a rope at least puts a hand out so this exact thing doesn't happen, but not DeChambeau.

DeChambeau finished his final round shooting 1-under 71 finishing 10th at 6-under par.

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