Browns Coach Kevin Stefanski Credits 'Madden' For Improved Game Management Skills

Kevin Stefanski thinks there's one thing that can be credited for young NFL coaches possibly having better game management:


The popular football game dominates video game sales year after year, despite the fact nothing ever really changes. Young men in America just can't get enough of firing up the sticks and getting after it.

The Cleveland Browns coach truly believes so many coaches growing up on "Madden" has led them to being more educated in late game situations.

"Honestly, so I grew up playing 'Madden.' I really believe our generation is a little bit better at game management because we've done that. We know when we're down 10, I'm going to kick the field goal now and then I'm going to get the onside. I'm going to get the seven later. I do think all those games, I know it sounds silly, I do think that all helps when it comes to game management," Stefanski said during an interview on "Pardon My Take."

This is a bold take from Kevin Stefanski.

I hate to call out Kevin Stefanski, but it's hard to believe this is true. If you sharpen your skills on a video game, you might be in the wrong line of work.

It just seems so difficult to believe playing "Madden" taught you something you didn't already know. What coach doesn't know you kick the field goal and then go for the onside and touchdown when down by ten? That's just basic common sense. Stefanski really learned that from "Madden"? That seems so unbelievably tough to find to be true.

This is like when guys say they played a lot of "Call of Duty" and think they can go operate. My fellow Americans, playing "CoD" most certainly doesn't make you any good at operating.

As someone who knows operators, guys who love "Call of Duty" aren't anything like them. You're good at flipping joysticks on a controller. That's pretty much it. Nothing less. Nothing more.

You're not out there blasting bad guys.

While the logic is a shade different when it comes to "Madden" as sports aren't the same as war, the basic thinking is still the same.

There's nothing you should have to learn from "Madden" that the average fan doesn't know. How many of you reading this have dads who play "Madden"? Probably pretty much none. Yet, your dad probably understands late game management, and unlike Kevin Stefanski, didn't need a video game to get there. Ask yourself one question: How many video games did Nick Saban need to understand coaching?

The answer is zero.

To be clear, Kevin Stefanski is a solid coach. He knows his stuff, but he damn sure didn't get there because of "Madden." That just can't possibly be true.

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