Broncos Coach Nathaniel Hackett Just Hired Someone To Help With 'Gameday Decisions'

It's been a rough start to the head coaching career of the Denver Broncos leader, Nathaniel Hackett.

It started with a Week 1 loss against the Seattle Seahawks in which Hackett decided that attempting a 64-yard field goal was a better option than allowing $240 million QB Russell Wilson try to convert a 4th and 5. It didn't go well.

Then, in Week 2, Denver had essentially an automatic win against the Houston Texans, but still managed to make it competitive. It got so bad, the fans in Denver booed the team off the field at halftime. Thankfully for the Broncos, the Texans are the Texans and Denver did enough in the second half to eek out a victory.

Here's a sampling of what Hackett's offense has looked like through two weeks:

Despite the win, there's already rumbling about Hackett's job security on social media, again just two games into his career. You thought Urban Meyer not making it through season one was something? Nathaniel Hackett: "Hold my beer."

Now, it's highly unlikely that Hackett's job is in any actual trouble, yet. But he decided to get out in front of that train before it could gather any real momentum. Hackett has brought in a special assistant to help him with "gameday decisions," according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

On the one hand, good for Nathaniel Hackett. He recognizes that he's not the best game manager on the planet so he brings in someone who is better. That's what true leaders do.

On the other, how do you become an NFL head coach if you can't handle making "gameday decisions"? Yes, NFL coaches do a lot more than what we see in three hours on Sunday -- or Thursday or Monday. Maybe Hackett is really excellent for six days out of the week. But you know what that makes him? A really good offensive coordinator. Not an NFL head coach.

It's as apparent as ever that Denver hired him to try and lure Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay. Hackett was Rodgers' offensive coordinator for three seasons in Green Bay. By all accounts, he has a good relationship with Rodgers and was a good coordinator. Apparently not enough to make the Denver move happen, though.

Now, Denver has Hackett and Russell Wilson. It seems like one of those marriages where everyone is whispering during the ceremony, "I give it three months."

But who knows, sometimes those couples are the ones who go the distance. It could happen.

But they usually don't. I give it one season.

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