Brian Robinson Is A Great Friend, Reps Buddy's Big-Hat Company

Being an NFL player, Washington Commanders running back Brian Robinson has a platform, and he's using it to help his friends. This includes one friend who owns a big hat company.

No. Not a big hat company. A big-hat company,

There's a big (pun intended) difference.

The running back was in the locker room after the Commanders' 19-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons with one of his pal's giant hats resting on his noggin.

What a hat. If you've been telling everyone you meet for years about the scourge of hats being too small, then you need to get Brian Robinson's friend on the phone right now.

It's hard to tell if Robinsons is doing this because he believes in big hats, or if this is more of a Jerry Seinfeld puffy shirt situation.

The Big Hat Captured Peoples's Attention and Imagination

People were seeing all kinds of things after laying their eyes on a big hat for the first time.

My regular-sized hats are starting to feel inadequate.

We may be on the precipice of a new hat era. Think about it. There was a time when guys in the 1930s who walked around everywhere with fedoras, couldn't fathom the idea of people wearing baseball caps in public.

It was a different time. A different hat era.

Someday we'll tell our grandkids — all of them wearing giant hats — that back in our days, hats were just big enough to fit our heads. They'll scoff at how archaic that sounds.

Meanwhile, Brian Robinson's friend will be rolling in dough after revolutionizing the hat industry.

That, or most people will just find these big hats incredibly dumb.

Yeah. That's probably more likely.

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