Bret Bielema Pokes Fun At His Weight When Talking About Halloween Candy

Illinois football coach Bret Bielema isn't afraid to engage in a little self-deprecating humor.

Bielema has the Fighting Illini sitting at 6-1 and in first place of the Big Ten. If things continue on the current trajectory, he's going to be up for a lot of awards. However, he's also capable of laughing about the fact he's a bigger man.

When asked in a Big Ten Network video about the worst Halloween candy, Bielema fired back with, "Do I look like a man who doesn't like candy?"

Bret Bielema is definitely self-aware.

Say whatever you want about Bret Bielema, but you definitely can't say he's not a self-aware guy. He's a bigger man, and he knows it.

He could pretend that's not the case or get offended by comments about it. Instead, he's cracking jokes about the situation.

Like he said, does he look like a guy who doesn't like candy?

He also was very pleased with himself with how he responded. He was laughing like a kid in a candy shop.

Seriously, look at this smile and tell me that's not a dude who is absolutely feeling himself.

As I've noted several times, I'm not a Bret Bielema fan. Most Wisconsin fans aren't. He simply burned too many bridges on his way out of town. Having said that, this is the most relatable we've seen him, and you simply have to respect what Illinois has done on the field.

Also, Jim Harbaugh claiming Baby Ruth is the best candy is by far the correct answer. It's the Alabama of Halloween candy. It's simply unbeatable.

Which coach do you agree or disagree with the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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