Bo Jackson Has High Praise For Deion Sanders Amid Coaching Rumors

Bo Jackson thinks Deion Sanders would be a great coach anywhere in America.

Sanders is currently dominating in his third season with Jackson State, and there's been a ton of speculation that a Power 5 team will eventually come calling.

Georgia Tech, Auburn and Arizona State have all been mentioned as possible landing spots if he leaves JSU. If he does, Bo Jackson thinks he'll do a great job.

"Deion could coach anywhere in the country — college or professional level— that he wants to. It’s just whether or not the organization is ready for Prime. You can look at what he’s done for Jackson State in the short amount of time he’s been there. He has the charisma. He has what it takes because Deion, like myself, we were coached old-school and that’s the way he’s coaching his players. You’re seeing the results," Jackson explained on the "Sports Seriously" podcast (via BroBible).

Deion Sanders' name has been floated for jobs for a couple months.

Sanders has done an incredible job with the Tigers, and that's led to some serious interest at the FBS level.

Since 2021, he's 18-2 at the FCS level. It doesn't matter where you coach, that's an incredibly impressive record.

Now, there's a lot of people who believe he's bound for the next level. If he does land at a place like Auburn, where Bo Jackson made a name for himself, he'll have the endorsement of the most famous athlete in program history.

Deion Sanders knows what it takes to win and he's a great recruiter. He'll inject a ton of energy into any big program that brings him in.

He'll also bring a ton of free attention and PR. As we all know, that matters a lot in the era of social media.

Of course, Sanders might stay at JSU. After all, he's having a ton of success, but there's no doubt he'll also have plenty of suitors.