Bengals GM Says Tee Higgins is Untouchable In Trade Market

Don't get your hopes up if your NFL team is on the prowl for Cincinnati Bengal wideout Tee Higgins.

Since the Bengals are due to extend big-name players like quarterback Joe Burrow and No. 1 wideout Ja'Marr Chase during this offseason and next, many expect Higgins to get traded out of town.

With low-end WR1 production on his resumé, Higgins may be too expensive a player for Cincy to keep.

Pushing back on all the rumors is Bengals general manager Duke Tobin, who basically stated that Higgins is untouchable when it comes to potential trades.

"If they want a receiver, go find your own," Tobin said at the NFL Combine this week. "In my opinion, Tee Higgins is a good piece for the Cincinnati Bengals. The trade stuff is a little ridiculous right now."

As OutKick's Dan Zaksheske previously wrote, Higgins and Ja'Marr Chase are practically the best tandem receivers in the NFL. But with Burrow slated to be a top-5 highest-paid QB in the league and Chase still operating as the team's best option (for good reason), Tee may end up as a salary cap casualty if the proper contract extension is not reached.


"I have been pretty vocal about what Joe means to us, and my job is to facilitate his success as best I can with putting pieces around him, and his contract will get done when it gets done," Tobin said regarding his quarter. "But it's a good problem to have. He's a vital part of what we're doing."

Cincy will need to extend or trade Higgins by next offseason if they wish not to lose him in free agency.

The Bengals have enjoyed a three-headed monster in its receiving corps between Higgins, Chase and 28-year-old Tyler Boyd. Both Tee and Boyd led the offense during a four-game absence by Chase in 2022 due to injury. Higgins has usurped 1,000 yards receiving in his past two seasons.

Higgins had 26 catches for 371 yards and two touchdowns in four games without Chase.

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