Ben Gordon Makes Bail After Allegedly Hitting Son, Immediately Arrested Again For Separate Assault Case: Report

This has not been the best of weeks for former NBA player Ben Gordon. The 39-year-old was arrested after allegedly hitting his 10-year-old son at LaGuardia Airport on Monday. Two days later, he was reportedly arrested yet again on an entirely different case.

According to TMZ, Gordon made bail in the case involving his son. However, while being processed in Queens, authorities ran a background check and discovered an open investigation for misdemeanor assault in Harlem.

The alleged incident in Harlem occurred on March 13, 2020 when Gordon was accused of getting into a scuffle with a female. Sources told TMZ that Gordon allegedly injured the woman's finger and eye after grabbing a cell phone in her hand. The case remained open after the woman filed a police report after the alleged incident.

Gordon was taken from Queens to Harlem to be processed and charged with misdemeanor assault and has since been released.

Ben Gordon's Ex Comes To His Defense

Following the alleged incident involving Gordon punching his son in the face multiple times, one of his ex-girlfriends defended him.

Ashley Banks, who reportedly had a restraining order against him at one point, pinned the blame on a 'Karen' who escalated the situation, which she claims racism played a role.

“We were just disappointed because you keep seeing this pattern with Black people,” Banks said. “And it’s sad, but like a child is traumatized from it. How do you calm a 10-year-old? He’s probably going to be scared of the police. Because he’s little.”

Gordon has been arrested a number of times in the past, including for an alleged assault and robbery and driving with a forged license.

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