Ben Gordon’s Ex Blames A ‘Karen,’ Claims Racism After Former NBA Player Allegedly Punched His Son Multiple Times

Former NBA player Ben Gordon was arrested for allegedly hitting his 10-year-old son while at LaGuardia airport on Monday. An ex-girlfriend of his is claiming a ‘Karen’ targeted him and sparked the arrest while also bringing race into the situation.

According to court documents, Gordon allegedly punched his son in the face multiple times after he dropped a book inside the airport. An American Airlines employee told police she witness the 39-year-old punching the boy and yelling at him.

Gordon was reportedly stopped by Port Authority officers before boarding his plane and has since been charged with assault and resisting arrest.

Ex-NBA Player Ben Gordon Arrested For Striking Son In Airport
Ben Gordon playing for the Detroit Pistons. (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images)

Ben Gordon Played 11 NBA Seasons

Gordon’s ex, Ashley Banks, told the New York Post that a “Karen” recognized Gordon and chose to “take advantage” of the situation. Banks, who once reportedly got a restraining order against Gordon, claims he did not hit the child at all.

Banks believes Gordon’s son could be traumatized, not from the alleged beating he took from his father, but from seeing him get arrested.

“The child saw his father being arrested, taken away,” Banks said. “He was waiting in custody until his aunt picked him up. So that is the worst part of it, you know, and so we want to really protect him.”

“We were just disappointed because you keep seeing this pattern with Black people,” she said. “And it’s sad, but like a child is traumatized from it. How do you calm a 10-year-old? He’s probably going to be scared of the police. Because he’s little.”

Gordon has been arrested a number of times in the past, including for an alleged assault and robbery and driving with a forged license.

Written by Mark Harris


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