Bears' Justin Jones Uses 'Deflategate' To Troll Patriots In The Year 2022

The Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots in a Monday Night Football matchup by a score of 33-14.

After the game, one Bears player decided to troll the Pats by hopping into his Wayback machine and referencing something from the 2014 AFC Championship game.

Brace yourselves for a timely Deflategate joke...

Chicago defensive tackle dropped the best troll of May 2015 when he joked that the balls used in the Bears' win were fully inflated.

Jones is of course referencing the cheating scandal that hit the Patriots in 2015 when it was found that they were using underinflated balls in a 45-7 thumping of the Indianapolis Colts.

Even before the game, Jones said he had heard that the Patriots were up to their old tricks and that he planned on checking the balls for himself.

I heard it's still going on," Jones said a few days before the Bears traveled to Foxborough.

Maybe Jones was trying to get in the Patriots' heads, maybe he does think there's a chance they're still deflating balls.

After the game, Jones had plenty of reasons to pump up (pun intended) his team's performance.

The Bears managed to force three interceptions and a fumble against the Patriots. As far as on his own, Jones had a solid game as well, tallying a pair of tackles and a fumble recovery.

With the win, the Bears move to 3-4 while the Patriots fall to 3-4. Chicago draws even with the Packers in the NFC North, while New England is sitting in the basement of the AFC East.

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