Baker Mayfield Appears To Be Playing Defense For The Panthers

It looks like Baker Mayfield might not be close to getting back on the field at QB for the Carolina Panthers.

The former first overall pick lost his starting job to P.J. Walker, and it now looks like he's helping out on defense in practice.

A video shared by Mike Lacett, Mayfield lined up for a snap on defense for some kind of drill.

Now, does this mean Mayfield is trying to get back on the field as a defensive end? Probably not. I think Panthers fans can rest easy knowing Mayfield won't soon be your edge rusher.

However, it does go to show he's no longer a focal point of the offense. If he was, he wouldn't be wasting his time messing around by lining up against the offensive line.

What does the future hold for Baker Mayfield?

While it's unclear how everything might shake out at QB for the Panthers, there's a good chance Mayfield will remain on the bench for the time being.

Prior to getting hurt and benched, Baker Mayfield threw for 962 yards, four touchdowns, four interceptions and completed less than 55% of his passes.

Those are absolutely horrific stats for a starting QB in the NFL. On the other hand, P.J. Walker has been serviceable and led an upset win over the Buccaneers.

That's why he's now QB1 under center and Mayfield is on the bench.

If Walker rattles off a few more wins, the former Cleveland Browns starter might officially be glued to watching from the sidelines. Either way, Baker Mayfield is down bad since his days of being a Heisman winner and the top pick in the draft.

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