Astros Pitcher Justin Verlander Flips Off Phillies Fans As He Arrives To Citizens Bank Park

The only entertainment that Phillies fans got out of arriving at Citizens Bank Park on Monday was getting flipped off by Houston ace Justin Verlander.

Thankfully all involved were good sports about it.

Arriving for Game 3 against the Phillies, Verlander spotted a group of Philadelphia faithful waiting on the Phils to deliver a series-leading win over the Astros. The 39-year-old ace gave the fans a hand: flipping them through the bus window and giving them another healthy dose of the bird when he touched down at his destination.


Laughter erupted in the background as Verlander shouted "Hey, that's for you!" to the patient Phillies fans.


Verlander shut down all attempts by Twitter crybabies to try painting the gesture seem personal and offensive.

"All the context Darren (Twitter user)… Whole interaction was in jest as all the fans around you were just saying hello in their native tongue," Verlander tweeted. "So I responded in kind. all in good fun. I enjoyed the banter. Also, nobody broke the window. Was just like that."

Do the people of Philadelphia truly despise the pitching great in Verlander? Or was it done out of jealousy, given that he's married to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit titan Kate Upton? Either reason appears valid.

This is all the entertainment that hometown fans got after Monday's contest was postponed due to an inclement weather delay. Both sides were bummed out that the pivotal game was shifted to Tuesday.

Houston looks to keep their streak after tying up the series, 1-1, with a comfortable 5-2 win over Philadelphia on Saturday.