Arizona State Angry With Pac-12 Conference, Open To Leaving

Things are not going well in the Pac-12 Conference.

USC and UCLA are on their way out after 2023, fleeing for the Big Ten.

As a result, The Pac-12 still doesn’t have a new media rights deal, increasing financial uncertainty.


Things have gotten so desperate that the conference has apparently reached out to institutions like SMU.

While there’s nothing wrong with SMU in and of itself, it doesn’t rise to the educational or athletic levels that the Pac-12 has historically demanded.

So it’s not a complete surprise that some member schools aren’t exactly thrilled with the conference’s direction.

According to one new report, ASU may be so unhappy that they have one foot out the door already.

That does not bode well for the Pac-12’s future.

Pac-12 Problems

Arizona State hasn’t exactly been college football’s most successful program of late, but the Sun Devils still have immense value.

Beyond the massive alumni base and fan following, ASU brings with it the Phoenix television market.

Phoenix, for the sake of comparison, is a similar market size to Boston.

Obviously given the region has a substantial amount of transplants, not all are ASU fans, but the market still has substantial value for media bidders.

While ASU leaving the Pac-12 would be bad enough, the conference's issues could be even further compounded.

Namely, it's hard to see ASU leaving without the University of Arizona joining. Losing the two Arizona schools would be an even further blow to the conference's future and media value.

The Wildcats routinely have a top 5-top 10 basketball program, generating revenue and national television interest.

It's not clear where exactly the Sun Devils would go, but just the threat of them going elsewhere has to be enough to make the conference nervous. You'd think it'd be impossible for the news around the Pac-12 to get worse, but this report certainly won't help.