Argentina Goalie Shows Off Eye-Popping Celebration After Winning Golden Glove

Argentina goalie Emiliano Martinez was happy to win the 2022 Gold Glove award at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

However, he picked an eyebrow-raising way to show that enthusiasm.

After sealing a win over France in a thrilling World Cup final, it was time for the Argentines to collect some hardware.

One piece of hardware was the Golden Glove, awarded to the tournament's best goaltender. In this case, that was Argentina's Emiliano Martinez.

He had an... "interesting" way of celebrating the award.

It's one thing if you bust that celebration out to make your beer league buddies laugh, but this was the World Cup... in Qatar.

That's a country so über conservative that kissing is an issue. Just ask Chad Johnson. I'm sure they weren't too jazzed about the Argentine goalie goofing around with a prestigious award like the Golden Glove.

There hasn't been any word on whether or Martinez will face discipline, though we can safely bet any discipline won't be coming from the Argentinian federation. He helped them win the World Cup, he can do whatever he wants with that trophy (within reason).

FIFA on the other hand may not like the way one of their trophies was handled. Maybe they'll be so eager to get out of Qatar that none of that corrupt organization's top brass will have even noticed it happened.

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