Argentina Fan Celebrates World Cup Win Topless

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Some wins are too exciting to keep your clothes on. File winning the World Cup as one such win after an Argentina fan was spotted celebrating topless in the stands following her team’s win over France on Sunday.

Normally a topless fan would be the most exciting thing to happen at a soccer game. Sunday was by no means a normal day for soccer. The World Cup Final matchup between Argentina and France had it all.

Argentina Fan Celebrates World Cup Win Topless
Adidas Golden Ball winner Lionel Messi (L) and adidas Golden Glove winner Emiliano Martinez (R) of Argentina (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

There were two huge stars of the sport in Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé that both scored multiple goals. There was a late comeback and penalty kicks needed to determine the winner.

All of that adds up to tops being taken off while celebrating in the stands. Two Argentina fans were spotted doing just that after the win, one of them was a blonde female.

Big Wins Deserve Big Celebrations

She must have forgotten that she was in Qatar. That kind of celebration might fly at home, but she risked a lot doing it at this year’s World Cup.

For her sake let’s hope she didn’t get too caught up in the celebration and misplace her top. Let’s also hope none of the authorities noticed and she was able to make it out of the stadium without any issues. Nothing would ruin a celebration more than a trip to jail.

The Qatari authorities seemed to let visitors push the boundaries of the reported clothing restrictions. Taking your clothes off in public is probably where they draw the line on their flexibility.

It’s a fitting celebration for what is already being described as the best World Cup Final ever. The win meant a lot to players and fans alike.

Written by Sean Joseph

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