Arch Manning Appears To Lose His Student ID Twice In A Week

It looks like Arch Manning might be allergic to holding onto his ID.

The phenom QB recruit and next great Manning passer made a bit of news late last week when he lost his student ID not long after arriving on campus.

It's a rookie mistake, and happens to the best of us. College can be a bit chaotic. You definitely can't hold losing your ID once against anyone.

However, it now looks like it might have happened again. A second photo is going viral appearing to show a different person with Manning's ID.

Did Arch Manning really lose his ID twice in a week?

It's impossible to know right now whether or not this is legit, a prank maybe being done by Manning or friend or one hell of a photoshop job.

If it's the last option, it's a hell of a job because it's pretty much a carbon copy of the original photo that went viral when he lost his ID.

If it is real - which remains unproven as of Tuesday morning - what the hell is Arch Manning holding his ID in that he keeps losing it?

Get a razor/minimalist wallet, slap it in there and carry it in your front pocket. This really isn't that hard. Losing your ID once is a bit comical and understandable. Twice in a week? Yeah, we're going to have some questions.

Arch Manning is being tasked with returning Texas to glory. How can he do that if he can't even control his possessions?

Steve Sarkisian might have to have him put his ID in a glass case and wear a lanyard around his neck holding it if it's really that big of a problem.

It's great to see Arch Manning is already a content machine and spring ball hasn't even started yet. Wouldn't have it any other way!