Angel Reese Soaks Up Her 15 Minutes Of Fame, Does 'You Can't See Me' Gesture At Raising Cane's

Angel Reese can't get enough of life in the spotlight.

The LSU basketball star has been in the news nonstop ever since she taunted Caitlin Clark during the national title game against Iowa.

However, that was only the beginning of the Angel Reese news cycle. Since then, she's suggested she might boycott visiting the White House after Jill Biden suggested also inviting Iowa. The LSU sensation suggested the Tigers might visit the Obamas instead. The White House later clarified only LSU would be welcome.

Reese also loudly boasted about not wanting Jill Biden to address the team before the game. Now, the talented women's basketball player can't let the "you can't see me" gesture go.

Angel Reese is really feeling herself.

Reese took over Wednesday at a local Raising Cane's, and hit the now infamous gesture for the cameras.

She also did the exact same thing during the team's Wednesday victory parade.

Angel Reese, who made a name for herself during the women's NCAA Tournament, has a bit of a LeBron James streak in her.

If she finds a camera, she definitely doesn't hide from it. In fact, she really enjoys shining a light on herself and breaking out the "you can't see me" gesture.

It was fun for a little bit. There's no doubt. The drama has been amazing for women's college basketball.

However, at some point, it just gets a bit much. The national title game was Sunday. The world has kept spinning.

At what point is enough finally enough? Again, the drama has been great for women's basketball. Look at how much attention the sport is receiving.

There have been some positives with Angel Reese for sure. No doubt. Yet, you can only do these antics for so long before people get tired of them.

It now appears fans might be reaching that breaking point. LSU winning the title was a great story. Let's not take things too far.

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