Andy Reid Has Bulletproof Reason For Vacationing In Italy

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid had a very logical reason for vacationing in Italy.

This past offseason, Reid and his wife hopped over to Italy to enjoy some rest and relaxation, according to Peter King, and there was a very simple reason why the Super Bowl champion went.

"I like to eat," Reid told a local when asked why he was in Italy if he doesn't like coffee or wine.

It's not a secret at all that Italy has some of the best food on the planet. There's a reason why there are Italian restaurants all over the place.

Pasta, pizza and everything in between is absolutely fire food. Is it high in carbs? Sure, but it's also high in taste, and life is all about trade-offs.

Clearly, Reid felt more than comfortable spending time in Italy, despite not being a huge fan of coffee or wine.

He was there for the food, and I have no doubt the options were limitless. Pizza for lunch, pasta for dinner and plenty of Italian desserts along the way.

Props to Andy Reid for enjoying some fine Italian food during the offseason. You just love to see it!

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