Andy Reid Drops Memorable Line About Halloween Candy

Chiefs coach Andy Reid spent his Halloween game planning for both the Titans (Sunday's opponent) and Trick-or-Treating. Hours before kids (and coaches) hit the Kansas City streets to stock up on sugar and scares, Reid was asked about the game plan.

To be clear - it was his Halloween game plan, not how the Chiefs planned to execute against Tennessee.

Kansas City's KSHB41's sports anchor Aaron Ladd relayed that Reid was asked his favorite Halloween candy. In response, the Chiefs coach since 2013 dropped a memorable line.

"Seems like every time I walk past Mr. Goodbar he calls me and says 'Andy, come eat me," the hefty Andy Reid responded.

Same Andy, same.

Reid Has The Chiefs 5-2 This Season

Coach Reid's response was on-par with comments he's made in the past. Reid's really good at two things: coaching football and eating. He clearly excels at both and is enjoying the ride. Just this summer he explained to NBC Sports' Peter King that he was vacationing in Italy because: “I like to eat.”

Fair enough.

Not Just Halloween Or Italy

Reid's appetite for winning and snacking isn't exclusive to Halloween or Italy. After guiding the Chiefs to a Super Bowl in February of 2021, Reid told NFL Network his postgame plans: "I'm going to get the biggest cheeseburger you've ever seen. The biggest one. Might be a double."

Cheeseburgers and Mr. Goodbar are tough to argue with. In fact, I'm just glad Reid didn't list candy corn as his most-desired Halloween candy. Otherwise, Mississippi State coach Mike Leach may have taken a drive to Missouri to attempt to talk some sense into Reid.

It was just last year when Leach said of candy corn: “I have no interest. It’s one of those items that, you know, there’s a reason they serve it basically once a year because it’s not very good to begin with."

Fortunately we're just weeks away from hearing Reid's Thanksgiving (meal) plans.

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