An FBS College Football Team Is Reportedly Hiring Trent Dilfer

Trent Dilfer is reportedly moving to the college game.

The former ESPN analyst and NFL player is expected to be hired by the UAB Blazers, according to ESPN.

No deal has been signed at this point, but it's expected to come together in the coming days. Dilfer is currently a high school coach at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. Lipscomb Academy is undefeated and playing for a state title Thursday.

Now, he'll reportedly take his talents to Conference USA to coach the Blazers.

Trent Dilfer is taking his coaching skills to the next level.

This is an interesting choice for UAB. Dilfer has zero NFL or college coaching experience. He has none at all.

It's pretty rare for a guy to be made a head coach at the college level or in the NFL with zero previous high level coaching assistant. The Colts just did it with Jeff Saturday, and we all saw how the backlash unfolded.

While Dilfer has zero coaching experience, he is a true football guy. He won a Super Bowl ring and finished his NFL career with north of 20,000 passing yards. He was the definition of a game manager long before the term became popular.

If he can convince young men he can help them get to the NFL, UAB might experience a boost in recruiting. That's a big "if," but it's definitely possible.

Since 2018, UAB has won at least nine games in a season three times, and only finished .500 once. That was the 2022 regular season, and Dilfer will now take over a program that has had some solid success since returning to the field in 2017 after a few years without playing.

We'll see what he can do with the Blazers, but he's definitely a very unexpected choice in the college coaching carousel.

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