Alex Morgan - The New Woke Queen - Floats Idea For USWNT To Boycott Playing In States That Ban Trans Athletes

Move over Megan Rapinoe, there is a new woke queen on the U.S. women's national soccer team, and her name is Alex Morgan. While she may be heterosexual and not have purple hair, those shouldn't be a knock against her wokeness, she's taken over the captain's chair of the most-woke sports team in North America.

Just a week ago Morgan defended an op-ed written by her fellow woke teammate Becky Sauerbrunn about trans athletes in sports. Morgan supported Suerbrunn's opinion that biological men should be allowed to compete against women. Specifically, Morgan believes trans kids should be able to compete against girls.

“The inclusion of trans kids in sports is the inclusion of kids in sports,” Morgan told The Athletic’s Meg Linehan. “Everyone should have the ability to play sport. The fact that it’s being taken into politics is really sad. And I think it’s at the cost of trans kids’ life.”

Like most who are blindly ‘fighting’ for trans athletes, Morgan believes that trans kids must compete against biological men or women. Nobody is saying that trans kids can't play sports, but Morgan reads a headline of a story or her own teammate's op-ed and spins that narrative that doesn't actually exist.

Don't Play Soccer In Certain States?

Now the USWNT is preparing to compete in the She Believes Cup against Canada, Japan, and Brazil. The tournament will be held in Texas and Florida, two states against trans athletes competing against girls. Morgan now believes that the USWNT should have a discussion about boycotting playing in those states.

“Looking at these games in Florida and Texas, respectively, we’re going to need to continue to step it up, and have internal discussions as well with the team, because we’re not ones to shy away from hard conversation or taking a stand for what’s right,” Morgan told reporters on Wednesday.

“Playing in Florida and Texas, that’s something that the team definitely needs to look at,” Morgan said, “I think just even talking about it is good."

For someone who said "the fact that it's being taken into politics is really" sad just last week, these comments certainly seem political from Morgan.

USWNT Knows What It's Like To Lose To Boys

For those of us who live in actual reality and possess this thing called common sense, it's becoming more and more apparent what's actually taking place in these pro-biological men competing against women discussions.

Morgan, her teammates, and every other professional athlete that is beating the drum for trans athletes aren't actually seeing the consequences of what they're preaching. They're simply spreading this pro-trans message to make headlines and be on 'the right side of history.'

The USWNT of today's world isn't competing against biological men, but there isn't another team in the world who knows firsthand what it's like to compete against boys.

Back in 2017, the USWNT played against an under-15 boys team affiliated with FC Dallas. The teenage boys just starting puberty embarrassed arguably the best women’s soccer team on the planet, 5-2.

Alex Morgan Refuses To Think About The Future

From a parenting standpoint, Morgan and the vast majority of these other professional athletes with children who want trans kids to compete against girls, are too ignorant to look into the future. That, and their children are still too young to see real consequences.

Morgan, for example, has a two-year-old daughter. Her daughter will be on a level playing field with boys her age for a handful of years, maybe even a full decade, but when these two things called biology and puberty kick in that boy she was once competing against quickly turns into a young man and it's no longer an even playing field.

It'll be interesting to see if Morgan still shares this mindset when her daughter is 15 years old competing against boys who are faster, stronger, and as a result, more dangerous to compete against.

Like anything involving trans athletes, Morgan believes all facts should be tossed out the window and we must solely focus on feelings.

For someone who was once celebrated by every U.S. soccer fan, it's sad to see Morgan turn into a woke mouthpiece.

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