Alabama's Brandon Miller To Remain Active, Amid Investigation For His Involvement In Lethal Shooting

Alabama men's basketball decided to keep freshman guard Brandon Miller active on their roster amid an ongoing investigation looking at his connection to a gun that took the life of 23-year-old Jamea Jonae Harris on Jan. 15th.

Miller will be active for Wednesday night's game against South Carolina.

The program's announcement comes a day after Tuscaloosa detective Branden Culpepper revealed that Miller received a text message from former teammate Darius Miles, directing him to provide a handgun later responsible for Jamea's murder.

Miles, 21, and Michael Lynn Davis, 20, have been charged with capital murder for fatally shooting Jamea, a mother of one, after an altercation on The Strip near Alabama's campus.

"UA Athletics continues to cooperate fully with law enforcement in the on-going investigation of this tragic situation," the university stated hours before their scheduled game against SC.

"Based on all the information we have received, Brandon Miller is not considered a suspect in this case, only a cooperative witness. Today's statement from Brandon's lawyer adds additional context that the University has considered as part of its review of the facts. Based on all of the facts we have gathered, Brandon remains an active member of our team."

Alabama's justification for keeping their star player active will rest on an account provided by the player's attorney.

Miller's legal representation stated that the 20-year-old was not aware the handgun he delivered to Miles and Davis would later be used to kill Jamea Jonae Harris.

During a press conference Tuesday, Alabama and head coach Nate Oats faced intense backlash over their weak response to Miller's connection to the handgun.

The program also revealed that they were aware of Miller's connection to the murder case before it went public.

Critics suggest that the team is working in their best interest by not disciplining Miller and should be more sensitive to the capital murder charges involved in the case.

Miller's supporters, mainly inside Tuscaloosa, have given the player the benefit of the doubt, stating Miller's reported lack of knowledge in the situation absolves him from discipline.

Barring an arrest, Miller, Oats and Alabama (23-4) will proceed as usual.

With Alabama's sights set on winning the tournament in Houston, Miller's status on this roster seems well protected. He is also projected as a lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft.