'Ain't Cooking': Marcus Spears Hilariously Roasts Russell Wilson

Marcus Spears cut straight to the point when discussing Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos.

Denver is now 2-4 after losing Monday night to the Chargers, and the situation on the offensive side of the ball is brutally bad.

When breaking down the Broncos, Spears couldn't help himself from poking a little fun at the face of the franchise.

"He is Drew Lock 2.0 is what he is right now … Russ ain't cooking, he ain't making hibachi, he ain't making appetizers, he ain't making nothing. This looks so bad," Spears said Tuesday morning on an episode of "Get Up."

Marcus Spears is not wrong about Russell Wilson and the Broncos struggling.

It's definitely 100% accurate to say Wilson and the Broncos are down bad. While I don't think anyone believes Russ is the second coming of Drew Lock in Denver, the offense is comically bad.

The team is averaging just 15.2 points a game, and Wilson's stats aren't pretty.

Through six games, Wilson has 1,442 passing yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions. He's also completing only 58.6% of his passes. If the season ended today, it would be his worst year of pro football by a considerable margin.

There's no doubt "Russ ain't cooking" as Spears said, and it's costing Denver.

To make matters even worse, Wilson is dealing with a hamstring injury he battled through Monday night. Denver is already down bad, and it doesn't look like things will improve soon.

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